From Prevention To Finalization — Everything You Need To Know About Business Partnerships And Breakups

We offer legal services and strategic resources to support you with the formation of your partnerships, the growth and operation of your small/midsize-business partnerships and the separation from business partnerships.

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From Prevention To Finalization — Everything You Need To Know About Business Partnerships And Breakups

We Can Help At Every Stage

As partners in our own business ventures, we understand firsthand the roadblocks and milestones you face. From preventing problems to amicable business breakups to litigious situations, we are with you every step of the way.

We are an attorney and a communications expert, both with real-life experiences in the formation, growth and end stages of businesses. We can help you reduce risks, seek the benefits of positive partnerships, liquidate bad alliances and optimize your business building.

We wrote the book on business divorce — literally. From our offered services to our free eBook, our goal is to help business owners start educating themselves today.

Communication Meets Legal

We understand that saving time and money is essential to business owners. Our team helps you keep the focus on profitability and growth by providing two essential elements that build on each other to create flow and efficiency in your business.

  1. Having a healthy partnership with transparent and supportive communication reduces stress and enhances the fun of having a business.
  2. Having a well-thought out legal foundation provides peace of mind to you and your family, fairness between all partners and protection when things go wrong.

When things do go wrong, both communication strategies and legal strategies can provide options to rectify the situation.

The Guidance And Support You Need

Be prepared for the tough situations. We offer coaching and lawyer services to assist your business goals – and can take legal action when business divorce is unavoidable.

We understand small-business ventures can be a whole family endeavor. Learn to protect yourself and your family when seemingly hopeless business partnerships start to spiral out of control.

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