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Helping Business Partnerships From Start To Finish

Our unique cross-disciplinary approach at The Business Divorce Institute combines a blend of tactical communications, high-level consulting and legal strategies. We offer three main areas of service to aid in business situations: forming a partnership, making a partnership succeed and ending a partnership. No matter what stage you are at, we can help you find positive personal, business and legal resolutions.

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Forming A Business Partnership

Are you thinking about going into business with a partner? With personal backgrounds in building our own successful companies, we have firsthand experience in advising clients on taking on a partner and facilitating talks with potential candidates to determine a good fit.

To succeed with partner formations, our services can provide attitudinal and behavioral assessments as well as training and coaching on communication skills for a good start. When the right candidate is selected, come to us for proper legal documentation — including partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and operating agreements.

Curious if a potential business partner is right for you? We can facilitate conversations, discuss options and advise clients looking for a reliable long term partner.

Making A Business Partnership Succeed

When partners work well together, they communicate, collaborate and coordinate to optimize business success. When they don't, employees are confused and productivity suffers. Leadership lacks direction and growth is stunted. Clients get mixed messages and resources are wasted. A lot depends on partners working and communicating well together.

Our neuroscience-based training and coaching focuses on you, your partners (and perhaps your team) learning and practicing excellent communication skills to empower your business growth.

Life happens and inevitably there are conflicts and misunderstandings. We provide conflict resolution facilitation and executive coaching aimed at solving the conflicts that can occur in any business.

We offer facilitation of the "annual partnership review," a meeting to review the status of last year's partnership arrangement and discuss changes for the coming year. When your business relationship is changing, let us help you review and modify your business partnership agreements.

Breaking Up A Business Partnership

We understand partnerships do not always work out. Breaking up a business partnership can feel as serious as a marital divorce. It's costly, disruptive to your life and to the business. Sometimes it appears to be an impossible situation. Our objective is to help you find a fair resolution and allow both parties to move on.

We can assist you in your business divorce with:

  • Training and coaching on communication skills to prevent the breakup or make it more amicable (saving stress, time and money).
  • Facilitation of break-up conversations.
  • Understanding the goals of both sides and presenting key options for the best resolution of the breakup.
  • Utilizing our network of skilled allied professionals in the fields of financial planning, forensic accounting, business evaluation, and more to present a fair picture of the business status.
  • Helping to negotiate amicable separations when possible or engaging in litigation if necessary. We have the legal experience to represent you in court.
  • Complete all legal documentation of final business partnership separation.
  • Executive and organizational coaching to help companies heal wounds and positively move forward.

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