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"I am a small business owner of a closely held family business that was involved in a minority shareholder dispute. Frustrated and disgusted with how my case was being handled by two previous law firms for three years, I searched to find the law firm that specialized in my legal situation. After much research and many interviews later, I met with Richard Lambert of Dunn Lambert, LLC. In my initial consultation with Richard Lambert, my wife and I found Mr. Lambert extremely knowledgeable in the law, empathetic but emphatically honest in the merits of our case. Mr. Lambert set out the strategy that he thought we needed to take and he was confident that his firm had the right team of lawyers to represent our case. Dunn Lambert is comprised of many talented legal professionals. While this team of fine professionals provided the finest legal representation we could ever hope for; collectively their firm offered so much more. Genuine support and encouragement, above and beyond other firms three times their size! My wife and I could not be happier with the exemplary service and quality of the people who work for Dunn Lambert."
Robert, Real Estate Business

"This eBook is much needed since I found precious little written on the topic at the time I was looking for it. I had no idea the behaviors being perpetrated on me were illegal or that I had legal recourse. The most important thing in my experience was the knowledge and understanding of the law that you communicated to me: That I was absolutely protected under the law, and also that I was the natural buyer. This gave me tremendous strength."
Randy, Marketing Company

"Ending a business partnership is never easy - whether the business is successful or not. It's a true 'divorce', with financial and personal issues that profoundly affect next steps in life. The Business Divorce Institute's eBook " From Prevention to Finalization" is absolutely to the point, shaping thinking and covering all the phases. Written by Jeri Quinn, a published veteran business coach, and Richard J. Lambert, Esq. an attorney specializing in business divorce, the ebook gives a practical overview on whether to form a partnership, keeping it going and growing, and ending it amicably and profitably. Having had 2 successful partnerships and gone through 2 less successful business divorces myself, plus seeing the internal workings of many SMBs, I found their expertise to be exactly 'on the money'. "
Tony Grass, President, e-Market Intelligence

" My business partnership recently ended. One thing that I overlooked in our relationship was the annual check-up. Our purposes diverged and I did not notice that our communications about our changing interests were missing. Additionally, Jeri and Richard's book drives the point about the importance of seeking an equal emotional investment among partners. Had we taken an inventory of our stocks of time and commitment, along with cooperative approaches to handling our differences, the divorce may have been much more amicable.

I believe this book is an invaluable tool for anyone thinking about ending a partnership with respect and relative ease."
Marty Katz, Stratist Group

"The special thing about Jeri is that she and her partners actually built and sold companies themselves. There is no greater experience to help other entrepreneurs. I think that the ultimate credential of a business coach for partnerships is having been a successful entrepreneur/partner themselves. Jeri can walk the walk and talk the talk. I highly recommend."
Maurice Perdreau, CEO, So You Know LLC

"Under Jeri's business coaching we doubled the number of car fleets we put under coverage last year. We have expanded our staff and developed better teamwork and communication which has increased productivity. Most of all, I have grown as a business owner/leader. I am much more aware of my role as a strategist and business planner. This comes from interacting with other CEO's as well as Jeri's emphasis on 90 Day Business Plans."
Daniella Kirfeld, Interwest United Insurance Brokerage Inc

"Since we started working with Driving Improved Results, seven months ago, we have doubled our gross revenues. And we were able to take a vacation to Paris. We are getting a handle on profitability, client negotiations and 'scope creep.' We are delegating more to several deserving staff relieving strain on our busy lives. This program has made a world of difference in our business and our partnership."
Robert Rivadeneira & Harmony Trujillo, York Building Services

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