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Jeri-QuinnThe Business Divorce Institute was founded to help clients prevent business partner breakup and to assist with the process when it is unavoidable. Our skilled founders bring unique backgrounds and firsthand small business experience to every client they help. We aim to help your business partnership find success.

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Jeri Quinn, CBC, works as a communications expert, organizational and executive coach and is a Conversational Intelligence Certified coach. As the President of Driving Improved Results, a published author with a serial entrepreneur background and 40 years of experience, she brings essential know-how to clients looking for top business communication skills. Learn more about Jeri.

Richard Lambert, Esq., is the Managing Partner of the business law firm of Dunn Lambert, LLC. For more than 20 years, Richard Lambert has been specializing in the emerging field of Business Divorce, helping clients extricate themselves from difficult-sometimes destructive and debilitating-partnership relationships. Learn more about Richard.

The Business Divorce Institute also includes a wide network of other professional partners who are recommended on an as needed basis: Business valuation experts, forensic and valuation CPA’s, bankers, financial advisors, M&A advisors, mediators, computer forensic experts, wealth advisors, therapists and more.

We offer a range of services for clients interested in building trust and better partner relationships during crucial business transitions. Curious? Hear from our past clients.

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